November 22, 2013


I'm officially moving this blog to WordPress permanently. So if you come across this blog and want to follow along on our journey, please visit the new web address. Thanks!

See ya on WP :)

November 17, 2013

Ready to be Ready

It has been over three years since I started this blog. Back then, I really wanted children. I still do. But Pru and I have had a lot of decisions to make and having children just never made sense. We knew that one day we'd try to start a family, but it always seemed something in the distance future.

Until now.

Yesterday at brunch, I mentioned to Pru that I'd really like us to start having a conversation about getting ready to have kids. She said okay. Simple as that. She's not ready. Neither am I. But we're ready to BE ready. We're ready to talk about money and logistics. We're ready to finish the research I started so long ago and contact our doctor and set a "start date."

She has a great job. I will be starting school next semester to completely change careers. Is the timing perfect? Nope, not at all. But it will never be perfect. It just needs to be good enough. And we believe that it is.


August 19, 2011

Sites to Share

I just wanted to share two great sites I found recently: -- which is a Brooklyn based site, but has all kinds of support and information for Gay families (both TTC/adoption and already parenting).

-and- -- which is the blog from Cori + Kacy (for all those "The Real L Word" watchers out there) who are currently in the TTC process. I think its awesome that a "celesbian" couple is TTC because I think it will really help to raise awareness and unite the lesbian community!

Hope everyone is well :)

June 24, 2011



What a crazy, amped-up, emotional rollercoaster these past two weeks have been. But after a LOT of work and essentially BEGGING the Senate to vote on this bill, they passed it and New York has gay marriage!!


April 28, 2011

Still Here

Since I've gotten a couple of comments, I wanted to update to say we're still here!

We have done a lot of discussing, researching, the usual in the way of babymaking...but there's just so much ELSE going on right now that I can't seem to find anything particularly compelling to blog about (as it relates to having a kid anyway). But I do still read everyone else's blog and comment as much as I can!

Thanks for checking in with us :)

February 17, 2011

Mom & MIL vs. Home-births

Even though it's gonna be a while before I try to get pregnant, I've done a lot of research about home-birth and birthing centers. A LOT. I feel pretty well informed about midwifery, doulas, and all that comes along with a non-traditional (read: hospital) birth. That being said, in recent conversations regarding family members giving birth I've mentioned that I am highly, if not exclusively, interested in having an alternative birth plan. I feel very strongly against the medicalization of pregnancy and fear-based birthing that tends to take place in hospital settings.

Well holy crap!

Both my Mom and Pru's literally freaked out. They immediately and vehemently protested this idea and launched into the always clever "but what if something goes wrong and you're not near a neo-natal unit?!" argument. I tried to explain that a good midwife would never attempt to deliver a "high-risk" pregnancy at home and in the event something went wrong, they'd be more than happy to transfer delivery to a hospital setting LONG before it became an issue. I also mentioned that statistically, midwives have excellent track records and low death-rates among both infants and mothers and significantly less c-sections, particularly when compared against For-Profit hospitals.

They heard about, oh... 0% of what I said.
I don't think I'll be mentioning this again for a long time...

Anyone else have people freak out when they brought up a birth plan in a setting other than a hospital??

January 21, 2011


Right now we live in the ass-end of Brooklyn. Well, not Coney Island ass-end, but pretty south. It takes Pru an hour to get to work every day (at best). Annoying. So for that, and several other, reasons- we've decided to move. But for anyone that has any experience trying to nail down a decent apartment in the greater NYC area, you know that its...difficult. We're considering using a broker this time because Pru's sister found a great place in Bay Ridge through one, but we're struggling with the idea of paying someone to do something we technically can do ourselves. On the other hand, its a MASSIVE hassle and having help would be a godsend. We're not looking to move into Manhattan, but just a part of Brooklyn closer to Manhattan so we can shorten that damn commute. Oy. This should be fun. Wish us luck!

Oh, and here's a picture of my handsome boy, Sir Ringo:

How cute is this guy?!?!