January 21, 2011


Right now we live in the ass-end of Brooklyn. Well, not Coney Island ass-end, but pretty south. It takes Pru an hour to get to work every day (at best). Annoying. So for that, and several other, reasons- we've decided to move. But for anyone that has any experience trying to nail down a decent apartment in the greater NYC area, you know that its...difficult. We're considering using a broker this time because Pru's sister found a great place in Bay Ridge through one, but we're struggling with the idea of paying someone to do something we technically can do ourselves. On the other hand, its a MASSIVE hassle and having help would be a godsend. We're not looking to move into Manhattan, but just a part of Brooklyn closer to Manhattan so we can shorten that damn commute. Oy. This should be fun. Wish us luck!

Oh, and here's a picture of my handsome boy, Sir Ringo:

How cute is this guy?!?!


  1. So cute. GL with the apartment thing.

  2. I am all for paying someone to do something I could technically do myself if it means I won't cry or be otherwise exhausted (assuming the $ is there). It might be worth it for you both to relax into seeing things that are only what you want (or close to it) rather than wearing yourselves out with the looking before you ever even get to the place!

  3. I'm with the PP! if it's too much hassle and you can afford to pay a service, do it. Just think of it as a quick way to get to your goal - less time commuting and more time doing fun stuff!
    Very cute doggie!!!!!

  4. just found your blog... but I know the broker thing well...

    when I moved to nyc I was dead set on finding a place myself like I had EVERYWHERE else. But.. that lasted about a week. Working crazy hours, scams on the internet, disgusting places...

    broker found me the perfect place a block from work in under a week and was worth the extra $. Plus... it's kind of fun when they drive you around personally to see things :)